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EZID enables researchers to generate persistent identifiers (DOI and ARK) for publications, data, web pages, etc. This guide will provide information on EZID, its purpose, and how to register and use it.

What is EZID?

EZID (easy-eye-dee) makes it easy for you to create and manage unique, long-term identifiers (DOIs and ARKs).

  • Create persistent identifiers for anything: texts, data, terms,audio or video files, etc.
  • Update current URL locations so citation links are never broken
  • Choose from a variety of persistent identifiers, including ARKs and DataCite DOIs
  • Store and update citation metadata for identifiers in a variety of formats
  • Create QRC codes that can be used on documentation in addition to the persistent identifiers.

EZIDs can be generated using a web form.

  • This demonstration form shows how to create an identifier.
  • There are Simple and Advanced screens, with the latter supporting more customizations, such as the ability to make the identifier and its target URL private.

Browse the EZID website.

  • EZID is a service of the California Digital Library, a division of the University of California Office of the President. The Caltech Library is sponsoring access to EZID for Caltech community members.

Why Should I Use EZID?

Members of the Caltech community can use EZID, free of charge, to create and maintain persistent identifiers.

EZID enables researchers to generate persistent identifiers (DOIs and ARKs) for just about anything.  You can create one or more identifiers early in the research cycle, even before you've found a permanent home for the data, and then include the identifer(s) in data management plans submitted to funding agencies.

EZID is a simple but powerful tool to help you keep track of scholarly materials, including all your digital sources and research products: text, data, video, images, maps, spreadsheets and more.  EZID's robust identifiers (DOIs) are reliable aids in data management, data sharing and citation tracking.

  • Open sharing initiatives are spreading: open data, open science, open access, open source...EZID provides a great way to promote open sharing, because it allows the content creator to establish a permanent link to the object.
    • Get credit for your research.
    • Promote scientific re-use of your work
  • Get more citations and monitor your results.
    • When the object get cited by others, even if is moved to a new location, the citation reference will always work, as long as the metadata is updated.
  • Meet your funder's data management, tracking and sharing requirements
    • Ensure transparency and accountability
  • Storage is going global
    • Keep track of your work over long-term projects and far-flung teams.
    • Objects can move where you need them to go, from computer to server to cloud.  You can maintain the target URLs and locations in the EZID record, but the persistent identifier remains the same.

How Do I Get Started?

To find out more information and/or set up an account with EZID,  contact the Caltech Library.

The Caltech Library is sponsoring access to the EZID service for Caltech community members.

  • Members of the Caltech community can use EZID, free of charge, to create and maintain persistent identifiers (DOIs and ARKs).
  • The Library acts as the official intermediary in helping you register for a new account wth the California Digital Library.  Once the new account is created, you are responsible for creating and maintaining your persistent identifers.
  • The Library provides local training and documentation in the use of EZID, including the creation and maintenance of identifiers and their metadata records.
  • The Caltech-affiliated creator of the DOIs is primarily responsible for the creation and maintenance of the DOIs, but the Library, as sponsor and default co-owner, can take over if the creator is no longer able to maintain them.
  • If an account-holder leaves Caltech, the Library will notify CDL so that they can revoke the user's Create access to EZID,  The account-holder will continue to be able to maintain all existing identifiers.


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