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The Publish on Demand Service from the Caltech Library offers the Caltech community the opportunity to have their theses bound, publish their own work, or produce materials for Caltech departments.

The Caltech Library Publish On Demand Service

The Caltech Library is happy to offer its Publish on Demand Service (PODS) to the Caltech community. Through PODS students, faculty, or staff can bind a thesis, self-publish a work, produce marketing materials, or information packets.

In addition to the high quality printing and scanning (color and B&W) that we offer, the Library employs the C.P. Bourg BB 3002 Binder to produce individual items or multiple copies.  We can provide information on paper, colors, and size options.

For more information or to schedule a visit to see our service in action, please contact David McCaslin (x6412 or david AT

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