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Caltech Theses: ORCID/EZID

Ph.D. theses must be submitted in electronic form as part of the graduation requirements for Caltech. This guide serves as a stepping-off point for this process.


As researchers and scholars, you face the ongoing challenge of distinguishing your research activities from those of others with similar names. You need to be able to easily and uniquely attach your identity to research objects such as datasets, equipment, articles, media stories, citations, experiments, patents, and notebooks. As you collaborate across disciplines, institutions and borders, you must interact with an increasing number and diversity of research information systems. Entering data over and over again can be time-consuming, and often frustrating.

ORCID aims to solve the name ambiguity problem in research and scholarly communications by creating a central registry of unique identifiers for individual researchers and an open and transparent linking mechanism between ORCID and other current researcher ID schemes. These identifiers, and the relationships among them, can be linked to the researcher's output to enhance the scientific discovery process and to improve the efficiency of research funding and collaboration within the research community.


EZID is a simple but powerful tool to help you keep track of scholarly materials, including all your digital sources and research products: text, data, film, images, maps, spreadsheets and more.  EZID's robust identifiers (DOIs) are reliable aids in data management, data sharing and citation tracking.

EZID enables researchers to generate permanent digital object identifiers (DOIs) for just about anything.  You can create one or more identifiers early in the research cycle, even before you've found a permanent home for the data, and then include the identifer(s) in data management plans submitted to funding agencies.