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Geological & Planetary Sciences: Elsevier
Ebook Program

Welcome to Geological & Planetary Sciences Library services at Caltech!


The Library has a special Ebook program with Elsevier that runs through February 2018.  During this period you will have unfettered access to about 280 Elsevier Ebooks that we don't own. You're able to download each or all chapters as PDF files and print to your hearts’ content. The data on what you select to read online or download will go into an analysis of what the Library should buy from this publisher at the end of the program.

Please use the heck out of these books by downloading and saving the PDFs during the program! You get to keep them for your own use regardless of whether the library adopts them.  After the program ends, the librarians will review use of these Ebooks and purchase a subset of them, as our budget allows.

If you have any questions or suggestions about Ebooks for GPS users, please get in touch with Geology Librarian Gail Clement