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PMA Weekly Library News

3 / 20 / 17

Cambridge ebooks - Some of you have contacted me to request that additional books be added to the Cambridge program. Please continue to do so; we'll be purchasing our first set of Cambridge ebooks in April.

Geology Large Format Printer - A reminder that the printer in the Geology Library Map Room is not available to print posters. Please use Graphic Arts.

Sherman Fairchild Library 1 - The first floor is closed this week while renovations and painting occur.

Millikan 9 - The 9th floor of Millikan continues to be available as a study space. 

3 / 13 / 17

Cambridge ebooks - Thank you to all of you who have provided feedback and asked questions about this program. Just so everybody is aware - the Library does not pay for each book you download. At the end of the program we will be purchasing the books that were accessed the most. There's another one of these programs coming up with Elsevier ebooks.

Google Scholar - If you use Google Scholar to find journal articles or ebooks, remember to set your scholar settings with the Caltech Library as your home institution. By doing so you'll see Caltech Connect links to the right of every search result. 

Bike Share - The Library has been checking out bikes for a few months now. Visit the Sherman Fairchild Library to check out a bike and helmet. Checkouts last for 24 hours. This has become a popular program.

New Library website - The Library's new website is coming. Feedback about the site is very welcome.

3 / 6 / 17

Cambridge ebook program - Through August we have access to 275 Cambridge UP ebooks. This program allows us to access the books for a period, assess use and then purchase a sub-set of titles from the title list. To see PMA titles included in this program please use this link. I'm working on making all of the links proxied (instead of just DOIs). 

AdoptaText - This system, for specifying text and reserve books, has now closed for spring term. You can continue to add reserve books through the spring term. I'll be looking at the data to see if we have ebooks for any books being used.

Elsevier ebook program - We also have a new Elsevier ebook program that's about to be launched. More details to come.

EDS search - The Library's EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) currently has both Caltech Connect buttons  and the words "Caltech Connect" displaying after search results. The Caltech Connect *button* does not work and results in a turnaway with an offer to use Docuserve. Until this is fixed please click on the words "Caltech Connect".

2 / 28 / 17

Large Format Printer in Geology - Some of you have used the Geology Map Room's large format printer to print conference posters. This printer will no longer be available to print anything other than maps. Please use Graphic Resources to print your posters.

Newly Catalogued Springer Math & Stats ebooks - Here is a link to recently published and catalogued titles from our Springer Math & Stats 2017 ebook package. 

Journal Citation Reports - The Library cancelled the JCR that was part of our Web of Science subscriptions. If you need JCR data you can still see 2015 data by doing a search in Web of Science. After searching, place your mouse over a journal title and the JCR data will pop up.

Cambridge ebooks - We've started an evidence-based acquisitions (EBA) program with Cambridge University Press. We've loaded some of their titles into our EDS search. If you'd like more information about this program or a list of titles included, please email me. This program runs until the end of August 2017. I've been in touch with individual faculty who have used Cambridge books for classes so that these books are part of this program.

2 / 21 / 17

Memoirs of the AMS - We do have this series in print but some people are having trouble finding it. Our print volumes (1950-2009) are kept in the compact shelves in the Sherman Fairchild Library basement. The series is shelved in ABC order; look for it in the Ms. Here is the catalog record -

Google Scholar - If you use Google Scholar please have a look at this Library FAQ . It shows you how to adjust your Scholar settings so that Caltech Connect buttons display in your search results.

Library Kindles - Kindles are available for checkout from the Sherman Fairchild Library. They can be checked out for a week and you're able to add titles to the devices (up to $25.00). 

Multimedia Conference Room (SFL) - The Library has updated the hardware in the conference room in MCR. Reservations for this space are mediated because it's intended to be a space for teaching and collaborative research. For more information and to request a reservation please visit this page

2 / 13 / 17

New KIC scanner in SFL - The Library has just purchased a KIC Bookeye Scanner that is available on the first floor of SFL. These scanners have a cradle to place open books and an overhead camera that takes pictures of each page. Bring a flash drive to save your files.

New Library website - The Library has a new website. Please use the linked form to submit your feedback.

3D Printing Class - The next class is this Wednesday on Millikan 9.

More ebooks - The Library is starting EBA (evidence based acquisitions) programs with Cambridge UP and Elsevier. More information to come in the next few weeks.

2 / 6 / 17

Springer Math & Stats ebooks - The Library has purchased another three years (2017-2019) of ebooks from this Springer-Nature package. To see the 2017 books that have been catalogued, use this link.

Find EJournals  - This service was down for the last week but EBSCO has fixed it and the search interface is working again. Thank you to those of you who reported this problem to me.

Physics Letters B - The Library has just bought the backfile (1967-1995) of Physics Letters B. We now have electronic access to the entire run of this title. We were not able to buy the backfile of Nuclear Physics B. These two titles represent the highest Elsevier turnaways. 

1 / 30 / 17

CaltechTHESIS - The Library hosts this database that contains electronic copies of Caltech dissertations. Library staff are continually scanning pre-1999 theses to make the database more complete. If there are older Caltech theses that you would like scanned now, please email me. 

Library Website - In the next few weeks to a month the Library is launching a new website.

Books - I'm buying very few books these days. If you would like to request a book be purchased (electronic or print) please email me or use this form. In the coming months we are starting a new program to acquire Cambridge and Elsevier ebooks. I'll provide more information when this is launched.

ebooks - A reminder about finding ebooks. Use our catalogue, TIND, to find an ebook. Usually the record will indicate [electronic resource] after the title to let you know it is an ebook. Click on the record you're interested in accessing. Then - scroll down to the bottom of the record and use the Caltech Connect button. I'm sorry it isn't more clear.


1 / 23 / 17

Data Management Plans - The Library has a guide that can help in the preparation of DMPs. Please see this site for more information. 

Course Reserves - To see a list of reserve books by class, please use this link. Browse the lists by course abbreviations like Ma, Ph or Ay.

Docuserve - People in PMA use Docuserve less than any other division on campus. Of the 6k+ articles requested last year, only 332 came from PMA. Docuserve is intended to help you acquire copies of articles from journal titles that were cancelled. If you have any feedback about Docuserve that you'd like to share, I'd be very happy to hear from you.

1 / 17 / 17

Google Scholar - It is important to adjust your Scholar setting so that you see Caltech Connect links. To do this, go into your settings, and select Caltech from the drop down menu as your home library. After you do this you'll see "Caltech Connect" to the right of journal articles on a search results page. More information about this is here (step 6).

ShareLaTeX site license - The Library has purchased a site license for ShareLaTeX. To access your free premium account, log in with your email address at . We also subscribe to OverLeaf. 

Cambridge ebooks - I've bought 5 Cambridge ebooks this week that are being used in physics classes. Please know that I'm happy to check to see if there are library ebooks available for books being used in classes. It is always the case that our most heavily used ebooks are those being used in classes.

EndNote For Beginners - The Library is hosting an EndNote class this Wednesday. Details and registration information are available here

1 / 9 / 17

Caltech Connect Button - Please, please, please - report any problems that you encounter with linking to our subscribed journals. The OSA journals were not linking correctly this week at all. There have been issues with linking from Google Scholar. We've had more reports of specific titles that are not linking properly from WoS and other A&I services. Users on campus are being directed to Docuserve and a message that indicates there are no full text services instead of to the full text of the article. It helps us correct these errors when we receive a report that the linking is incorrect.

DOIs - The Library can help you by providing DOIs for your your data, texts, audio files and other works. We've partnered with EZID and there's more information on this page

Course reserves - I've purchased a number of library ebooks in the last week. These are ebook copies of books that are being used for classes. Library ebooks are not the same as the ebooks that you buy directly from a publisher or from Amazon. Pricing for library ebooks is much different, and a lot more, than what an individual would pay for a comparative copy. 

Web of Science - I suspect that people in this division are not heavy users of Thomson-Reuters' database, Web of Science. Across campus use of this resource has dropped. If you *do* use this database, please let me know. 

Books - Please email me directly if you'd like me to order something for the library that we don't have in our collection. I am usually very happy to buy something that supports your research on campus.


Joy Painter, Physics, Math and Astronomy Librarian

Physics, Math & Astronomy Librarian

Joy Painter
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