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5 / 22 / 17

Author Carpentry class - The Library is pleased to host one of our lead Author Carpentry instructors/developers for a workshop on June 12. Dr. Sebastian Karcher ( directs the social science data repository at Syracuse University.The Author Carpentry workshop will take place Monday June 12 from 2-4 pm in MCR. Registration is now online at

Virtual Reality in the Library -  The Library now has a virtual reality workstation in Sherman Fairchild Library that is available to the Caltech Community!  The workstation includes a HTC Vive headset, controllers, and VR software/development tools.  Find out more information about the workstation at

Interested in trying out the VR workstation?  Just reserve the “Group Meeting Room” (Sherman Fairchild 326) at  Then check out the key to the workstation at the SFL circulation desk.

Want to experience VR?  Come to a Demo session on Thursday, May 25 1-2 PM (Registration) or Monday, June 5 10-11 AM (Registration).  Space is limited and registration is required.

Room Reservations - Please use this link to book group study or teaching rooms in Millikan or SFL There are no longer keys for SFL's group study rooms. Reservations ensure that you won't be displaced by another person who has reserved the room.

SFL after hours - In order to swipe into SFL after hours (M-F after 5:00pm and on weekends) you must have card access. Please contact security if you have trouble accessing SFL at night or on weekends. 

5 / 15 / 17

EDP / A&A - Access to EDP journals (A&A is our big one) is down right now. There was a thunderstorm in Europe that has caused problems for their system. EDP is aware of the problem and is working on a solution. This outage affects all users of EDP content; STScI, Harvard, NRAO ++ - *nobody* has access.

CaltechTHESIS - Our online thesis repository is complete 2002+. If you'd like pre-2002 PhDs from your group to be added to the repository please let me know. Some faculty have requested this and library staff have done the work. This is especially helpful if you submit an NSF proposal and need to have a list of your advisees. It is also possible to use a feed from CaltechTHESIS to display a list of theses from your group on your website. 

Docuserve - A reminder that you can request 10 rush articles, for free, each calendar year. 

5 / 8 / 17

APS joins SCOAP3 - High energy physics articles published in PRC, PRD and PRL will now be open access beginning in 2018. The APS did not initially join SCOAP3 in 2013. For more information please see SCOAP3's press release.

World Scientific journals - A reminder that they are all cancelled. If you need 2015+ articles from a World Scientific title please use Docuserve.

Teaching Rooms - The Library's multimedia conference room on SFL 3 has been recently upgraded. As well, there is a new teaching room available on Millikan 9. For information about the rooms please see the information on the room reservation page. As always, group study rooms are available on the 2nd and 3rd floors of SFL.

Millikan basement shifting - If you have trouble finding a book in the Millikan basement please let me know. All of the collections in the basement will be shifted this year.

5 / 1 / 17

DOI linker - Our new website has a Citation Linker that's useful. Simply copy in a DOI on this page and you'll be taken to the article. If we don't subscribe to the article you'll be given the option of requesting it from Docuserve.

Free rush via Docuserve - People on campus are now entitled to 10 free rush requests each year. Rush articles are provided by Reprints Desk and usually you receive the article in just minutes. Details about free rush is on this page

Phishing emails - Please do not respond to phony emails letting you know that your library account risks closure. If you ever have questions about your library account ask me or call x3405.

Senior Thesis Prize - The deadline for this library prize is Tuesday May 9. More information here.

4 / 24 / 17

Web of Science - Use of this citation database is going down. We have cancelled our Journal Citation Report (JCR) subscription. If you need information about a journal's impact factor you can still see it by doing a search and then hovering your mouse over the journal title. 

Book purchases - The Library's collection development is driven by demand. Lost books are not replaced until they are requested. New books are purchased for classes, when requested and our preference is to purchase ebooks. 

Millikan basement - Collections in the Millikan basement (social science, astro and geo overflow ++) are being consolidated. If you have questions about finding material in the basement, let me know.

CRC ebooks - The Library is signing a new licence with CRC so that we'll be able to purchase their ebooks. If you know of a CRC book that you'd like to have made available as a library ebook please let me know.

Cambridge ebooks - We're in the process of purchasing ~100 of the Cambridge ebooks included in the pilot program. A majority of these titles are physics and math titles. Selection was driven by the books you all downloaded in March - thank you! The next program like this will likely be with Elsevier and those titles will include more BBE and CCE subject material.

SFL lockers - Lockers are now available for use in the Sherman Fairchild Library.

4 / 17 / 17

Course reserves - I am continuing to pull books from our collection to put on reserve for classes. Please email me if you'd like to put anything on reserve.

Three Minute Thesis (3MT) - The competition is cancelled. 

Suggest a purchase - The Library is purchasing very few print monographs. We continue to add ebooks and print books as they are requested. If you'd like the library to buy something please use this form.

Library Classes - Endnote, 4/19 - 3D Printing, 5/3 - You and Your Thesis, 5/10

4 / 9 / 17

Docuserve changes - Docuserve now offers free rush service for your first 10 requests. This means that if you need a paper that we don't subscribe to you can get instant, unmediated access to the paper. People in PMA don't use Docuserve nearly as much as the other divisions. Please take advantage of this service to access articles from cancelled journals and journals we've never subscribed to. The Library reviews Docuserve statistics to help make choices about journal subscriptions.  

Course reserves - Please use this link to search for course reserves. Use abbreviations like 'ph, ay, or ma' to find classes. Many of the books being used in classes have ebooks available. Both print and electronic books are linked to the course record in TIND. 

Sherman Fairchild Library changes - Lockers are being installed at SFL1 to store your belongings while you work in the Sherman Fairchild Library. A printer has been relocated to the basement so that you don't have to go upstairs to retrieve your print jobs. An additional room has been added for larger group collaborations. Please see this room reservation form for a detailed explanation of each room. 

3 / 20 / 17

Cambridge ebooks - Some of you have contacted me to request that additional books be added to the Cambridge program. Please continue to do so; we'll be purchasing our first set of Cambridge ebooks in April.

Geology Large Format Printer - A reminder that the printer in the Geology Library Map Room is not available to print posters. Please use Graphic Arts.

Sherman Fairchild Library 1 - The first floor is closed this week while renovations and painting occur.

Millikan 9 - The 9th floor of Millikan continues to be available as a study space. 

3 / 13 / 17

Cambridge ebooks - Thank you to all of you who have provided feedback and asked questions about this program. Just so everybody is aware - the Library does not pay for each book you download. At the end of the program we will be purchasing the books that were accessed the most. There's another one of these programs coming up with Elsevier ebooks.

Google Scholar - If you use Google Scholar to find journal articles or ebooks, remember to set your scholar settings with the Caltech Library as your home institution. By doing so you'll see Caltech Connect links to the right of every search result. 

Bike Share - The Library has been checking out bikes for a few months now. Visit the Sherman Fairchild Library to check out a bike and helmet. Checkouts last for 24 hours. This has become a popular program.

New Library website - The Library's new website is coming. Feedback about the site is very welcome.

3 / 6 / 17

Cambridge ebook program - Through August we have access to 275 Cambridge UP ebooks. This program allows us to access the books for a period, assess use and then purchase a sub-set of titles from the title list. To see PMA titles included in this program please use this link. I'm working on making all of the links proxied (instead of just DOIs). 

AdoptaText - This system, for specifying text and reserve books, has now closed for spring term. You can continue to add reserve books through the spring term. I'll be looking at the data to see if we have ebooks for any books being used.

Elsevier ebook program - We also have a new Elsevier ebook program that's about to be launched. More details to come.

EDS search - The Library's EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) currently has both Caltech Connect buttons  and the words "Caltech Connect" displaying after search results. The Caltech Connect *button* does not work and results in a turnaway with an offer to use Docuserve. Until this is fixed please click on the words "Caltech Connect".

2 / 28 / 17

Large Format Printer in Geology - Some of you have used the Geology Map Room's large format printer to print conference posters. This printer will no longer be available to print anything other than maps. Please use Graphic Resources to print your posters.

Newly Catalogued Springer Math & Stats ebooks - Here is a link to recently published and catalogued titles from our Springer Math & Stats 2017 ebook package. 

Journal Citation Reports - The Library cancelled the JCR that was part of our Web of Science subscriptions. If you need JCR data you can still see 2015 data by doing a search in Web of Science. After searching, place your mouse over a journal title and the JCR data will pop up.

Cambridge ebooks - We've started an evidence-based acquisitions (EBA) program with Cambridge University Press. We've loaded some of their titles into our EDS search. If you'd like more information about this program or a list of titles included, please email me. This program runs until the end of August 2017. I've been in touch with individual faculty who have used Cambridge books for classes so that these books are part of this program.

Joy Painter, Physics, Math and Astronomy Librarian

Physics, Math & Astronomy Librarian

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