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9 / 11 / 17

New Oral Histories - The Archives has released several new oral histories. Robert B. Leighton and Margaret Lauritsen Leighton are two that may be of special interest to this division. The complete list of recently released oral histories is on the Archives website  . 

Links to new ebooks - The Library has new access to a number of ebook packages. They include: Cambridge ebooks , AMS' Contemporary Mathematics Backfile , AMS' Mathematical Surveys and Monographs backfile, and AMS' [Barry] Simon book series

Overleaf training is coming - If you use Overleaf or are curious about the recent merger with Share LaTeX please consider registering for the Library's upcoming class. It takes place 9/20 at 1:00pm in the Annenberg lecture hall. For more information and to register please use this form

8 / 28 / 17

AMS ebook purchase - The Library will be purchasing the backfile of Mathematical Surveys and Monographs. The purchase covers 169 volumes published between 1943-2010. 

Overleaf Training - On September 20 trainers from Overleaf are coming to campus to give a session on advanced Overleaf. Recently ShareLaTeX and Overleaf merged. The session will be held in Annenberg at 1:00pm. Register for the class here.

EndNote - Visit the Endnote cancellation page to learn about how to migrate your EndNote library to Zotero. Alternately be in touch with the library about license needs for your group.

Cambridge Ebook Program - The Cambridge EBA program is coming to an end. We've purchased ~60 titles of the 300 we've had access to. Please visit the title lists to see if there are any books that you'd like to download before we lose access. I expect we'll have another program like this again next year.

Joy Painter, Physics, Math & Astronomy Librarian,

Physics, Math & Astronomy Librarian

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