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Publish on Demand Service : Self-Publish

The Publish on Demand Service from the Caltech Library offers the Caltech community the opportunity to have their theses bound, publish their own work, or produce materials for Caltech departments.

Publish Your Work

Have a work you would like published? 

PODS offers the Caltech community with the opportunity to self-publish.  Submissions can include anthologies, textbooks, cookbooks, novels, or research works. 

  • Our binding service can create a high-quality paperback edition of your work with a custom cover and size to your specifications.
  • On-site cover design options.
  • Fast turnaround on production.  Copies can be printed/bound individually at the point of sale or in large quantities.
  • With the Caltech Library's Amazon storefront, the Library can list the book in Amazon, facilitiate the sale, and ship the book to customers.
  • Pricing varies based on a number of factors including the length of the book and physical dimensions of book. Please contact us to schedule a consultation or a quote (x6412 or email pods AT

Please note:  The Library does not offer editorial advice on content.The Caltech Library's Publish on Demand Service should not be considered a university press or publishing house but can assign an ISBN to the work. For more information on how to obtain an ISBN, visit our ISBN libguide.

The author of any self-published work will retain copyright of the work.  Please review the PODS Copyright Agreement

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