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Publish on Demand Service : Special Requests

The Publish on Demand Service from the Caltech Library offers the Caltech community the opportunity to have their theses bound, publish their own work, or produce materials for Caltech departments.

Special Requests

Special Requests

The Caltech Library can work with you to create publications for your needs or repair old works.  In some cases, all that is needed is a PDF of the work and minimal consulation with our staff to produce your request. For file formats other than PDF, please contact us.  Generally, requests can be completed between a few hours and a business day. 

Examples of special requests:

  • Marketing materials
  • Information packets for conferences or meetings
  • Big T yearbook* or other select Caltech publications
  • Gift book to commemorate a retirement or accomplishment
  • Rebind a book
  • Reprint a book in the public domain (or to which you hold the copyright)

* A paperback reproduction of a Big T yearbook for the years 1920 through 1979 is $20.00.  For Big T yearbooks after 1979, a paperback reproduction is $25.00.

Contact the Library to schedule a consulation or to place an order (x6412 or email pods AT

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