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Publish on Demand Service : Other Printing/Copying/Scanning Services

The Publish on Demand Service from the Caltech Library offers the Caltech community the opportunity to have their theses bound, publish their own work, or produce materials for Caltech departments.

Additional Services Offered by DocuServe

Self-Service Photocopying/Printing

  • Self-service photocopies are available only to current Caltech students, faculty, and staff.
  • There are self-service photocopiers on the first floor of the Sherman Fairchild Library.  Find more information here.
  • Printing is available to Caltech students, faculty, and staff for 10¢ per B&W sheet (8½ x 11 inch) or 20¢ per color sheet (8½ x 11 inch).
  • The public printers only use 8½ x11" white plain paper.
  • For departmental copying or print request requiring larger paper or special paper, please contact us (x6437 or email docuserve AT for more information.

Microform Reformatting

  • Self-service microform readers are located on the 1st floor of the Sherman Fairchild Library. Non-Caltech users must make prior arrangements to use this equipment.  Please contact our staff for assistance (x6437 or email docuserve AT
  • Microform to paper or digital format by library staff:   20¢ per page
  • Self-service microfiche to paper copying  (Caltech patrons only):  10¢ per page

Digitial Reproduction

  • Scan papers/books (copyright restrictions may apply) to a digital format by library staff
  • Contact us for pricing (x6437 or email  docuserve AT
  • Self-service scanning options are also available here (free of charge)


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