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Kindles: Getting Started

As a pilot program, the Caltech Library will circulate Kindles to its students and faculty. This guide will serve as a reference on the Kindle and the Caltech Library's guidelines for device and its use.

Recent Additions to the Caltech Kindles

Caltech Library Kindle Project

Caltech Library - Kindle Program

Recognizing the increasing popularity of e-readers and electronic access to books, Caltech Library has decided to introduce a program to lend Kindles to its students, faculty, and staff.  The Library's goal is to provide a service which increases quick access to titles and to investigate more patron-initiated acquisitions.  Currently, the Caltech Library has 6 Kindle Wi-Fi eReaders available for a 7 day loan period from the Sherman Fairchild Library.

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Kindle Quick Reference Guide (PDF)