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Library Friends' Senior Thesis Prize: Prize description

Prize description

The Friends of the Caltech Libraries established this prize to recognize senior theses that exemplify excellent research, writing and the effective use of library resources. The thesis is an extensive, independent written work produced during the senior year, usually within a senior thesis course series. The thesis informs and thoroughly exposes the process of investigation from hypothesis and proposal to conclusion and discussion in an archival-style thesis-type document (Word template for theses | TeX (.tgz) template for theses). A thesis also includes an appropriately formatted and complete bibliography of references pertinent to the research topic that are effectively used to inform the background and discussion in the theses.  Finalists are honored with a reception hosted by the Friends of the Caltech Libraries and receive acknowledgment of their finalist status on their official transcript.  The citation is accompanied by a $1200 honorarium and appears in the Commencement program.

Applications must be submitted electronically to libraryprize AT by midnight, Tuesday, May 9, 2017.  See the Application Procedure tab for details.

Past Winners



Caltech Library Friends President Rosemary Choate, Senior Thesis Prize Winner Ayush Gupta, University Librarian Kristin Antelman, Arnold O. Beckman Professor of Chemistry Harry Gray



Kerry Betz and Adam Jermyn. Ms. Betz’s thesis, “A Novel, General Method for the Construction of C-Si Bonds by an Earth-Abundant Metal Catalyst,” was nominated by Prof. Robert Grubbs.  Mr. Jermyn’s thesis, “The Atmospheric Dynamics of Pulsar Companions,” was nominated by Prof. Sterl Phinney. 



Laga, Stephanie Midori (2014) A tale of two cobalts. Senior thesis (Major), California Institute of Technology.

Mukherjee, Eric S. (2014) How far from Jerusalem? Tropical customs and the question of race in the Book of John Mandeville. Senior thesis (Major), California Institute of Technology.


Kalbarczyk, Karolina Zbigniew (2013) Directed evolution of terpene synthases for non-natural substrates. Senior thesis (Major), California Institute of Technology.


Nichols, Eva Megan (2012) Structure and reactivity of copper dipyridyl carbinol- and rhenium diphosphine complexes. Senior thesis (Major), California Institute of Technology.


Liu, Hanna K. (2011) The abundance and behavior of viruses in ancient seawater and modern iron-rich environments. Senior thesis (Major), California Institute of Technology.

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