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Translation/Transliteration Resources  

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Searching for Translations

Searching for English translations of foreign language books and articles should be approached first by era.

1.  Translations (generally excerpts) from the classical period may be found in one of the ‘Source Books in the History of the Sciences

2.  Translations of 19th century journal articles may be found in the Royal Society Catalogue of Scientific Papers, which was issued for the years: 1800-1863(v.1-6); 1864-1873(v.7-8); 1874-1883(v.9-11); 1800-1883 supplement(v.12); 1884-1900(v.13-19).  The ‘Royal Society Catalogue’ is the definitive listing of scientific papers from this period, and many times the same paper will be published in the author’s original language and also in an English language journal.

3.  Extensive English language abstracts of foreign language articles will be found in the Journal of the Chemical Society Abstracts, which were published as the even numbered volumes from v.34-128(1878-1925) and were preceded by the abstract sections in The Quarterly Journal of the Chemical Society of London, v.1-14(1847-1861)  and the Journal of the Chemical Society (v.15-32,1862-1877).

4.  Google Books is another excellent resource:

5.  The NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS) includes over 50,000 English translations of journal articles; conference papers; theses; technical reports,; ect., which appeared in print as NASA TT documents.


    Transliteration Resources


    • Beilstein (German → English) and (English → German) Dictionary
      "The Beilstein Dictionary (German/English) has been compiled by the scientific staff of the Beilstein Institute ... With a total of about 2,100 entries, it contains most German words occurring in the Beilstein Handbook, as well as common abbreviations, alphabetically listed with their English equivalents.

      An appended supplement (page 59 onwards) lists a series of “standard formulations” frequently used in Beilstein, together with their English translations."
    • Google Translate
      Translate to/from 70 languages, with appropriate keyboards. Offers a pronunciation function and usage example. Coordinated with Google Chrome to provide automatic translation.
    • The Language Portal
      An international dictionary with language tools
    • Springer Exemplar
      Exemplar allows you to see how a particular term or phrase is used in peer-reviewed, published literature. Need the full text? It’s one click to the source.
    • Translation Wizard
      "The Translation Wizard ... connects you directly to online translation tools ... each of which has different language and translation capabilities. Enter text (or a website), select the source and destination languages, and click the translate button."
      With over 40 tools, it is similar to Babelfish and Google's translator. Use the "identify language" button, when you don't know the language.

    Doklady / Subject Sections / Translations

    NTC Translations

    The availability of English translations of foreign language articles, changed with the closing of the Library of Congress' National Translation Center.  This center contained the holdings of the SLA Translations Center, which was formerly located at the John Crerar Library.   These translations were divided between the CISTI Library (1984+) and the British Library (pre-1984). 

    • British Library
      The BLLD will check to see if an English language version is available for foreign language material.
    • Consolidated Index of Translations into English
      SFL REF Z7403 .C79 1969
      SFL REF Z7403 .C791 1986 v.1-3
    • NTC Translations  
      BLLD and CISTI have NTC translations in NTC numerical order.
      BLLD has no. 82, 1948 through no. 2113, 1985
      CISTI has 1989-01-001 to 1993-17461
    • Technical Translation series (Library of Congress)
      A history of efforts to provide English-language translations from scientific and technical material produced during the Cold-war period.


    • CASSI (Chemical Abstracts Service Source Index) / Beyond CASSI
      If you have a citation to a Russian journal article, consult CASSI to see if there is a corresponding English language translation journal. Then check the Caltech Library Catalog to see if the translation journal is available in print, or online. If not, check World Cat (Advanced Search) to see if the translation journal is available thru another library. Patent family information will often include English language patents which are often issued later than foreign language patents.

      "Beyond CASSI" features journal title abbreviations from early chemical literature and other historical reference sources that may not be listed in the CASSI Search Tool.
    • Chemical Abstracts - Coverage of English Translation journals
      "CAS began coverage of the following English-translation editions of the foreign-language journals beginning with the first issues carrying 1995 publication dates."
    • Consolidated Index of Translations Into English
      Index to translations of scientific and technical literature from the 18th century to the present time.
    • Consolidated Index of Translations into English II: 1967-1984 cumulation
      Index to translations of scientific and technical literature from the 18th century to the present time.
    • Einstein Papers Project
      "The Einstein Papers Project is engaged in one of the most ambitious scholarly publishing ventures undertaken in the history of science. The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein provides the first complete picture of Einstein’s massive written legacy."
    • Elsevier Web Shop - Translation Services
      "Let our experts take care of translating your paper or presentation from or into Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, Russian, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and many more languages."
    • Free Translation Online
      Offers: Free (500 words) ... text, document, website, or Email translations ... as well as identifying the language in the Free Text option.
    • Google Translate
      Translate text, webpages or upload a document
    • Google Translated Search
      Find and read translated results from webpages in a foreign language.
    • GTS Translation Services - Free online translation tool  
      "Select the source and target languages, input the text and click Translate."
    • Journals in Translation
      An alphabetical listing of translation journals with a keyword (KWOC) index, an Original Titles Index, and an appendix that provides links between Doklady subject sections and corresponding translation journals.
    • NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)
      "The NTRS provides access to NASA's current and historical technical literature ... approximately 500K aerospace related citations, 90K full-text online documents, and 111K images and videos. Information includes: conference papers, images, journal articles, photos, meeting papers, movies, patents, research reports, and technical videos" and some translations of journal articles. Search with author name.
    • NTIS
      "U.S. government reports and complementary materials from international sources, 1964+. Many records include links to the full-text publication on an agency's web site, or can be downloaded directly from the NTIS archival copy for a nominal charge." ... includes some translations of journal articles. Search with author name.
    • Royal Society. Catalogue of Scientific Papers: 1800-1900
      "An [author] index to the titles and dates of scientific papers contained in the transactions of societies, journals, and other periodical works."
      v.1-6: 1800-1863 v.7-8: 1864-1873
      v.9-11: 1874-1883 v.12: 1800-1883 supplement
      v.13-19: 1884-1900
    • Russian Journals and their translations
      A tabular listing of the major Russian journals and their translations, including those that pre-date Springer publications.
    • SciFinder: Coverage of English-Translation Russian Journals  
      CAS began coverage of many English-translation editions of the foreign-language journals beginning with the first issues carrying 1995 publication dates.
    • SLA-PAM Translations Index
      A number of key articles by important physicists have been translated into English (and sometimes from English to other languages), but the results are scattered through many books and journals. The Physics-Astronomy-Math Division of the Special Libraries Association is creating a database to help students and historians locate these useful materials. The starting point is information compiled in Resources for the History of Physics, edited by Stephen G. Brush (University Press of New England, 1972), now long out of print, and other items are being added.
    • Springer  
      Springer publishes English language translations of Russian language journals. Click the 'more information' icon for a listing of Russian titles with their English translations ~2000+
    • Turpion  
      Turpion publishes leading Russian scientific journals in cooperation with the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Physics, the London Mathematical Society and The Royal Society of Chemistry.
      Click on the 'more information' icon for a listing of Russian titles with their English translations.

    Translation Collections

    • Alembic Club Reprints  
      1. Magnesia Alba, Black.
      2. Atomic Theory, Dalton, Wollaston & Thomson.
      3. Experiments on Air, Cavendish.
      4. Molecular Theory, Dalton, Gay-Lussac & Avogadro.
      5. Micrographia, Hooke.
      6. The Decomposition of Fixed Alkalies, Davy.
      7-8. Oxygen Part I-II, Priestley-Scheele.
      9. Chlorine, Davy.
      10. Arseniates, Phosphates, etc., Graham.
      11. Essays of Jean Rey.
      12. The Liquefaction of Gases, Faraday & Northmore.
      13. Chlorine, Scheele, Berthollet, de Morveau, Gay-Lussac
      14. Molecular Asymmetry ... Organic Products, Pasteur
      15. The Electrolysis of Organic Compounds, Kolbe.
      16. Papers on Etherification, Williamson.
      17. Medico-physical works, Mayow.
      18. Chemical philosophy, Cannizzaro.
      19. Theory of dilute solutions, van' hoff, Arrhenius
      20. Prout's Hypothesis
      21. New Chemical Theory … Salicylic Acid, Couper
      22. X-Rays and the Electric Conductivity of Gases, Roentgen
    • Atomic Spectra / W.R. Hindmarsh
      Part 1 describes the various aspects of atomic spectra.
      Part 2 provides English language versions of classic articles by Balmer, Rydbert, Bohr, Sommerfeld, etc. There are 17 articles on pages 101-361.
    • Benchmark Papers ...
      An extensive collection, on various subjects, including: Biochemistry, Ecology, Energy, Genetics, Geology, Optics, Polymer Chemistry, etc. Some papers in English translation.
    • Collected Papers of Albert Einstein
      "The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein series now (2014) covers Einstein's life and work up to his 44th birthday. It presents, as annotated full text, 319 writings by Einstein and 3,000 letters written by and to him. An additional 2,063 documents appear in abstract."
    • Crystals That Flow: Classic Papers from the History of Liquid Crystals  
      English translations of 'classic papers' on the development of liquid crystal science.
      Book Review in J. Appl. Cryst. 2005, 38, 579.
    • Einstein Papers
      The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein - including the English translations. Extensive annotation provided.
    • Harvard Case Histories in Experimental Science, v.1-2  
      Extracts in English from important contributions in the physical sciences ...
    • Principle of Relativity; a collection of original papers  
      English translations of 'classic papers' on the principle of relativity
      Book Reviews at:
    • Quantum Chemistry: Classic Scientific Papers  
      English translations of 'classic German articles' on the development of quantum chemistry published between 1926-1934.
      Book Review in Phys. Today. June 2001, p. 63-64.
    • Resources for the History of Physics
      Part I: Primarily a bibliography of monographs and source books on topics in the history of physics, etc.
      Part II: An author listing of Books and Articles in Physics annotated with titles of English translations, if available.
    • Source Books in the History of the Sciences  
      Extracts in English from important contributions in the physical sciences ...
      A source book in animal biology
      A Source book in astronomy, 1500-1900
      A Source book in astronomy and astrophysics, 1900-1975
      A source book in chemistry, 1400-1900
      A source book in chemistry, 1900-1950
      A source book in classical analysis
      A source book in Greek science
      A source book in geography,
      A source book in geology, 1400-1900
      A source book in geology, 1900-1950
      A source book in the history of psychology
      A source book in mathematics, 1200-1800
      A source book in mathematics, 1800-1900
      A source book in medieval science
      A Source book in physics
      From Frege to Gödel : a source book in mathematical logic, 1879-1931
    • Sources of Quantum Mechanics  
      English translations of 'classic papers' on quantum mechanics.
      Book reviewed at:


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