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Biology & Biological Engineering (BBE): Weekly Newsletter & New Books

Library information and resources for the BBE Division at Caltech.

Weekly Newsletter

Library News

Upcoming NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy

The NIH just released a new data management and sharing policy that will go into effect in January 2023: As of the effective date, every NIH grant will be required to have data management plans and share data in a data repository. The library will have more information in the future on how we will help support compliance with the new policy.

IOP ebooks

The library has purchased a small collection of ebooks from IOP. The full list is here: Titles relevant to BBE include:

  • Digital informatics and isotopic biology: self-organization and isotopically diverse systems in physics, biology and technology
  • Python and Matplotlib essentials for scientists and engineers
  • A guided tour of light beams: from lasers to optical knots

Library Services During COVID
A summary of the currently available library services can be found at

Library Classes

Visit our Upcoming Events for a full list of offerings this term.

Recently Added Titles

Neurobiology of social behavior: toward an understanding of the prosocial and antisocial brain (Numan, 2015) [ebook]
The volume will offer an introduction to neural systems and genetics/epigenetics, followed by detailed study of a wide range of behaviors – aggression, sex and sexual differentiation, mating, parenting, social attachments, monogamy, empathy, cooperation, and altruism.

The cognitive neurosciences, 6th ed. (Poeppel, Mangun, & Gazzaniga, 2020)
The sixth edition of The Cognitive Neurosciences continues to chart new directions in the study of the biological underpinnings of complex cognition—the relationship between the structural and physiological mechanisms of the nervous system and the psychological reality of the mind. It offers entirely new material, reflecting recent advances in the field, covering the latest research, experimental approaches, and measurement methodologies.

Case studies in neural data analysis: a guide for the practicing neuroscientist (Kramer & Eden, 2016)
As neural data becomes increasingly complex, neuroscientists now require skills in computer programming, statistics, and data analysis. This book teaches practical neural data analysis techniques by presenting example datasets and developing techniques and tools for analyzing them

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