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Caltech Theses: Updates or Corrections

Ph.D. theses must be submitted in electronic form as part of the graduation requirements for Caltech. This guide serves as a stepping-off point for this process.

Updating Your Thesis After Submission

  • Once your Committee and the Graduate Office have approved your thesis, that version is a matter of official record and will be archived as such. For this reason, you and your Committee must check the thesis thoroughly before submitting it.
  • If your thesis has not yet been approved by the Graduate Office, you may still make revisions to your thesis document.  There are several ways of doing this.
    • You may retrieve your thesis submission, make the changes, and resubmit it.
    • You may contact the library and ask for help
      • The library will either return the thesis submission to you for corrections and changes
      • Or they will make the changes for you.  This can include sending them a new PDF of your thesis document or specific pages either directly or via the Caltech DropBox

Updating Your Thesis After Approval and Release

  • Please DO NOT resubmit your thesis after this stage without contacting the library (thesis AT  Once the Graduate Office has approved your thesis and the library has released it, that version is a matter of official record and is archived as such.
  • Any corrections to the thesis must be approved by your advisor and/or Committee and the Graduate Office. This especially applies to changes or additions of a greater magnitude than typographical errors.   The library will request written approval from at least one of them.
  • Once the corrections have been approved, contact the library and ask to have the specific PDF pages replaced.  You may send them either a PDF copy of the corrected pages, or a PDF copy of the full thesis.  The library will make a permanent dark-archived copy of the original thesis, and then either replace the affected pages or upload the corrected full version.  Its file name will indicate that it is a "corrected" or "updated" one.  The new copy of the thesis will then become the visible version.
  • If you correcting typographical errors, contatct the library and explain the changes to be made.  You will most likely be asked to send a PDF copy of the specific pages with the corrections inserted.  The linbrary, at its discretion, may decide to simply replace the pages in the original document, or dark-archive the original and display a corrected version.
  • Rather than replace the pages, you also have the option of having an Errata PDF document added to the files for your thesis.  This can be done after you have received the requisite permissions from the Committee and Graduate office.  You may contact the library for help in adding the Errata document.