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Caltech Theses: Common Mistakes

Ph.D. theses must be submitted in electronic form as part of the graduation requirements for Caltech. This guide serves as a stepping-off point for this process.

Common Mistakes Made During Submission

Do NOT create a new record when resubmitting your thesis.  Simply make the required changes on the original record and resubmit that one.  If you need help, call x6065.

We will return the submitted thesis to you for corrections if the following common mistakes have been made:

    • DATES ON THESIS (title page)
      •    The Degree Date in the Thesis Details section of the Description tab should also be your graduation year.  This could be a different calendar year from the current one, depending on when your thesis defense submission dates occur in relation to upcoming commencement ceremonies.
      • Your defense date needs to be on your title page, under your graduation year.
    • ORCID iD (p. ii)
      • Add your ORCID iD to the title page verso, below the copyright statement.
      • If you do not have and ORCID iD, re,move the statement from the page.
      • Include a bibliography of published articles or other material that are included as part of the thesis.  Citations must include DOIs or publisher URLs if available electronically.
      • If you are incorporating any third-party material in the thesis, including works that you have authored/co-authored but for which you have transferred copyright, you must indicate that permission has been secured to use the material.
      • Describe your role with each article and its contents. 
      •  You did not add a non-Caltech email address in the Author's field in the Description tab.
      • Advisor and committee member email addresses are missing.
      • If the advisor is also on the committee, his/her name must appear in both areas.
      • Individuals' roles for advisor/committee section must be designated. Use the pull-down menu options.
      • Email addresses must be included.
      • If you want to restrict access to your thesis in any way, please read the Thesis Dissemination Policy carefully to see if your reasons apply.
      • If you still want to, you must fill out the appropriate embargo form.
      • Library staff will update your thesis files' accessibility according to the form you have filled submitted.  Exemption forms will be forwarded to the appropriate committee for final approval.
      • Files that are restricted to campus will be accessible only to on-campus readers once the record itself is approved by the Grad Office and released to the database.
      • Files that are fully embargoed will not be visible to public or on-campus readers once the record itself is approved by the Grad Office and released to the database.
      • You did not upload a file including the complete thesis, although all the chapters have been uploaded as separate files.We need a single file with the complete thesis.  
      • If you are withholding specific chapters for patenting or publication reasons, you may also withhold the full thesis file for the same length of time.

Other types of mistakes that could affect completion and/or graduation:

      • If you don't resubmit it, the thesis will sit in your buffer, where our reviewers can't see it. We will not be able to review it and send it on to Grad Office for final approval.
      • Even if your thesis has been satisfactorily submitted and we have forwarded it to the Grad office for final approval, they will most likely withhold approval if all your forms have not been handed in to them.
      • Check the list carefully, and have someone in the Grad Office double-check the paperwork you hand in to make sure nothing is missing.
      • The Survey of Earned Doctorates is the form missed most often.  You can fill it out electronically, and email a copy of the certificate of completion directly to the Grad Office