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Physics, Math & Astronomy: Resources for Admin. Staff

This guide is meant to be a resource for administrative staff at Caltech who work with students. The Libraries at Caltech include physical spaces in 5 locations:

Archives in Beckman Institute, Geology Library in North Mudd, Humanities Library in Dabney,

Millikan Library (overflow collections, library admin, mil9), Sherman Fairchild Library (physics, math ++) and Cahill.


Overleaf - Collaborative authoring software. Pro Accounts available to all current students.

CaltechTHESIS - Repository of mostly Caltech PhD theses. The librarian who administers Thesis is Kathy Johnson. Her office is on the 3rd floor in the Sherman Fairchild Library. There is a relatively new thesis dissemination policy that was approved by the Faculty Board. It more strictly defines how long a thesis can be embargoed.

Course Reserves - Search our catalogue, TIND, by abbreviation to find reserve lists (ay, ph, ma, etc...). I work with AdoptaText and faculty to look for ebooks as much as I can. Links to ebooks, when available, are included in the course lists.

Ebooks - We have many programs with publishers. Right now we have ebook access programs (EBAs) with Springer (2013-2018) and Elsevier (2014-2018). I try to do a broad email to the division when these begin. I buy individual ebooks from select publishers that make them available to libraries: Wiley, Oxford, Cambridge, World Scientific, & Elsevier. 

Off Campus Access - All of our electronic resources are accessible from off campus. 

Find Ejournal - If a student is wondering if we have a subscription to a journal, this fill in form will explain what we're entitled to access.


Study Spaces - SFL3, SFL2 carrels, Millikan 9 and even Dabney



The library offers a variety of classes during fall, winter and spring term.

You and Your Thesis - classes occur throughout the year with many offered in the spring as graduation gets close. Kathy, our thesis librarian, teaches these classes.

Introduction to 3D printing - The library has 2 3D printing labs on the main floor of the Sherman Fairchild Library. Tech Lab staff teach this class.

IThenticate - new service and the first class is this Wednesday the 23rd. This allows students to check their own work for duplication against published sources. The head of my department, Gail Clement, teaches this class.

Introduction to Zotero - the library canceled EndNote last year and we are now supporting Zotero, an open source citation management tool. Melissa Rey usually teaches this class.


Docuserve - The library will acquire PDF copies of articles and print books not in our collection via our ILL program. This is a free service. As well, students can request 10 free 'rush' requests each year for articles. These come in moments from a commercial vendor called Reprints Desk.

Bike Loan - Bikes can be checked out from SFL for 24 hours through Caltech's Bikeshare program.

Kindles - Students can borrow a Kindle and add an item from Amazon worth up to $25. 7 day loan.

Circulating technology - laptops for 3 days, MacBook Pro for 3 days, digital cameras, 2 projectors, tripod, microphone, cables, adapters, webcam, and a graphing calculator.

Printing - Students can print up to $25.00 of paper each term. Rarely do they go over this limit but when they do they're billed for the balance.

Study Rooms - There are 4 group study rooms in the Sherman Fairchild Library that can be reserved online.

Club Collections - Located on Millikan 9, the most heavily used one is the hiking and climbing collection.