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Crystallography Resources @ Caltech: General Chemistry Databases

A guide to resources available at Caltech - these are discussed in the Crystallography Resources Library Instruction class. This resource list was originally compiled by Dana Roth.


SpringerMaterials is the successor to the Landolt-Börnstein database, and has additional collections such as the Linus Pauling Files among others. The L-B database alone has over 200,000 entries for crystallographic data. It is recommended to search by formula or structure, and then narrow by the property of interest.


Following a chemical substance search, click on the CAS number to bring up a listing of both calculated and experimental physical and chemical properties. Crystal structure data, if available, is listed under 'Structure-related Properties'. If no specific values are given, references to the literature are usually provided.

Combined Chemical Dictionary (CCD)

The Combined Chemical Dictionary includes all the compounds contained in the following references:

  • Dictionary of Organic Compounds
  • Dictionary of Inorganic/Organometallic Compounds
  • Dictionary of Natural Products
  • Dictionary of Carbohydrates
  • Dictionary of Drugs
  • Dictionary of Analytical Reagents

The focus of the Combined Chemical Dictionary is fundamental organic, organometallic and inorganic compounds; important biochemicals and minerals; compounds of active research interest and virtually every known natural product, and all currently marketed drugs in the US and UK. Literature references to crystal structure determinations (struct) are given, if appropriate, at the end of the record in the References section.