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How to Access Ebooks: ProQuest ebooks

ProQuest ebook support

Search for, access, and download an ebook through the ProQuest platform:

Access a ProQuest ebook

1. Search from the library catalog (TIND) or home page.


2. Select CaltechConnect or select the title then Available Online to open the record. 

NOTE: If off-campus or using VPN, you may need to enter your Caltech credentials on the following proxy login page to proceed.

3. Select one of the following options to access the ebook:

  1. Read Online: Read in browser in HTML format. Your session will timeout based on your browser activity.
  2. Download Book: Check out the book for a number of days. This option requires a ProQuest account and Adobe Digital Editions. Instructions below.
  3. Download PDF Chapter: Download individual chapters in PDF format up to page limit listed on the right under “pages remaining for PDF print/chapter download”.


NOTE: Some ebooks have a limit on the number of copies available. If the ebook has reached its limit, you will see this notice under Availability: “All copies have been downloaded.” Check back periodically to use the ebook when it becomes available.



Download Book (from step 3 above)

1. Select Download Book, then create a ProQuest account (if you haven’t before) and Sign In.


2. Select the device you are using, then select Continue.


a. Laptop or Desktop: Select Get Adobe Digital Editions, then follow the prompts to install. Once finished, select “Done with this step”.

b. iOS or Android: Select Get Adobe Digital Editions and follow the prompts to download the app, or download your preferred DRM app. Once finished, select “Done with this step”.


3. Choose the loan length and download format, EPUB or PDF, then select Download.


4. Open the downloaded ebook from your file system or desktop - it will have the file extension “.ascm”.


5. Complete authorization (if you haven’t before): Check “I want to authorize my computer without an ID”, then select Next, then Authorize, then OK.


6. Success! You should now be able to read the ebook in Adobe Digital Editions. Need help? Contact the library.

NOTE: To view the time remaining on the loan, select Library in the upper left-hand corner. In the Library view, there will be a red banner on the checked-out item displaying how much time is left on the loan. ProQuest ebooks cannot be returned early. At the end of the loan period, the book will no longer be accessible. You may delete the downloaded file from your device at this time.



Create a ProQuest Ebook Central account

By creating a ProQuest Ebook Central account, you can:


To create your Ebook Central account:

  1. Select Sign In at the upper right corner.

  2. On the Sign In page, select Join Ebook Central.

  3. Complete the form and then select Create Account.