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Ebooks: Springer ebooks





The Library has purchased 6 subject collections of Springer ebooks published through the year 2004. You can browse the titles in the Library catalog by clicking the packages below. Note that Springer ebooks can be downloaded and saved as PDFs. Springer also offers the option to purchase your own soft copy of these books for $24.99. 


Biomedical & Life Sciences, 1888-2004, 7962 titles Chemistry & Materials Science, 1893-2004, 4378 titles
Computer Science, 1960-2004, 2814 titles Computer Science Lecture Notes
Earth & Environmental Science, 1918-2004, 2666 titles Engineering, 1923-2004, 5039 titles
Physics & Astronomy, 1891-2004, 5707 titles Lecture Notes in Physics, 1969-2004, 712 titles

Contemporary Archive

The Library already owns the ebooks in these subject collections for the years 2005-2015. We also have access - for the moment - to the titles published 2019-2021. All of these ebooks can be found in TIND, the Library catalog. 

Math & Statistics ebook Package

The Library has a separate agreement and has paid for Springer's Math & Stats ebook collection from 1929 to the present.


Questions? Email your subject librarian or contact one of us by email at