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Diversity and Inclusion Guide

EDBI Value Statement

We recognize that equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging are core to the mission of the Caltech Library. Equity goes beyond equality and means fair and impartial access to our collections and services for the entire Caltech community. Diversity means all of the various ways the members of our community are unique; it includes but is not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, and national origin. Inclusion means embracing all members of our community as part of a greater whole. Belonging means full acceptance of the members of our community and celebrating them for the richness their experiences bring to our collective work. These values are the primary guiding principle in our work, and they are both individual responsibilities and institutional imperatives.

Introductory Resources

Use this guide to learn about Equity, Diversity, Belonging, and Inclusion (EDBI) initiatives. Currently, most of the resources relate to anti-racism and eugenics. Resources supporting other important initiatives will be added over time. Have questions or ideas about resources to add to this guide? Contact us below.

Want to get more familiar with terminology and basic ideas in equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging? Try the following resources: