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Welcome to the research guide for physics, math and astronomy at Caltech. Please use the above tabs to find what you're looking for. If you have questions email me!

Astronomy collections are in the Cahill Library and Millikan Library basement. Math and physics collections are in the Sherman Fairchild Library (SFL) basement on open shelves. Math journals are held on the compact shelves on the south wall of the SFL basement.

My office is in Cahill 151, right beside the Cahill Astrophysics Library.


Finding books and ebooks

TIND is our online catalogue. It includes print and electronic holdings. If you're looking specifically for ebooks looks for the square brackets [electronic resoure] after the title in the catalog record.

If our library does not have a book or subscribe to an article that you'd like, you can request it through Docuserve (Interlibrary Loan). You can email me directly if you'd like a book to be purchased for our collections or use this form.


E-journal Information

Accessing Print and Electronic Resources

To understand what the Library's current subscriptions are please use Find Ejournals. When you enter the journal title you'll see the it listed with date thresholds that represent our entitlements. Use our library catalogue, TIND, to locate print titles. Another tool to use is the Citation Linker. The simplest way to get an article is to paste in the DOI of what you need. The linker will give you a number of options as to how you can acquire full text.

Docuserve / ILL

Docuserve offers *FREE RUSH* for your first 10 requests each year. If you need an article quickly, on the weekend, at night or when you have a deadline, please use this service. The article will be delivered to you within minutes from Reprints Desk, a commercial service.

Specific title information

The Library does subscribe to Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series. The entire book series is available 1(1988)+

The Library subscribes to select IOP titles. We do subscribe to Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (PASP).


Off-campus access to Library resources

Only current Caltech students, faculty, and staff have remote-access privileges to Caltech-licensed library resources. 

You are a remote user if your IP address fall outside the range 131.215.*.*. This includes people at LIGO, OVRO and Palomar. IPAC's IP range has been added to our licenses with vendors. If you're at IPAC and are having difficulty please contact me. Using the Library's proxy server, running VPN, or installing a LibX plug-in are all options to help you access library material from off-campus.

In order to access library subscriptions through ADS, you must adjust your Library Links Settings on this page. Select 'California Institute of Technology' from the drop-down menu and save your settings. Once this is complete, you'll see the button display in your search results. Please also visit the tab at the top of the page regarding this function.

Please see the general information on this page if you're trying to access library resources from off-site.

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