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New PMA ebooks

Winter 2021

The Science and technology of particle accelerators (2020)

Cosmic microwave background (2020)

Generators of Markov Chains (2021)

Quantum many-particle systems (2019)

Oxford Handbook of random matrix theory (2018)

Geometry of black holes (2020)

Physics of the interstellar medium (3rd, 2020)

Fall 2020

Conceptions of set and the foundations of mathematics (2019)

Constrained optimization and Lagrange multiplier methods (1976)

The American Lab: An insider's history of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (2018)

Synchronization: from coupled systems to complex networks (2018)

Fast track to forcing (2020)

Heavy Flavours II (1998)

Heavy Flavours I (1992)

Algorithmic randomness (2020)

Geometric folding algorithms (2010)

Semiclassical and stochastic gravity: quantum field effects on curved space time (2020)

Numerical methods in physics with Python (2020)

Physics of the cosmic microwave background (2006)

Knots and Feynman diagrams (2000)

Modern cosmology and the dark matter problem (2010)

An introduction to chaos in nonequilibrium statistical mechanics (2000)

Observation and analysis of stellar photospheres (2005)

Group theory and quantum mechanics (Tinkham, 2003)

Atomic physics (Foot, 2005)

Group theory and its application to the quantum mechanics of atomic spectra (Wigner, 1959)

Geometric set theory (2020)

Lie algebras in particle physics (2000)

Groups, representations and physics (1998)

Harmonic superspace (2001)

History of functional analysis (1981)

Quasi-Hopf Algebras: a categorical approach (2019)

Bayesian logical data analysis for the physical sciences (2012)

Basic superfluids (2002)

Superfluidity and superconductivity (2019)

Modern statistical methods for astronomy (2012)

Cosmology's Century (2020)

Quantum mechanics for mathematicians (2008)

Feynman lectures on computation (2008)

Comparative climatology of terrestrial planets (2013)

Europa (2009)

Asteroids IV (2015)

Optoelectronic devices: design, modeling, and simulation (2009)

Principles of radiation interaction in matter and detection (4th, 2016)

Computational physics: problem solving with Python (3rd, 2015)

History of topology (1999)

The dark matter problem: a historical perspective (2010)

Quantum fields in curved spaces (1982)

Foundations of analysis over surreal number fields (1987)

String theory methods for condensed matter physics (2017)

Experimental techniques for low-temperature measurements... (2006)

Computational fourier optics: a MATLAB tutorial (2011)

Astronomical spectroscopy... (2019)

Modern classical optics (2003)

Theoretical astrophysics: v.1 Astrophysical processes (2000)

Theoretical astrophysics: v. 2: stars and stellar systems (2012)

Theoretical astrophysics: v.3 Galaxies and cosmology (2012)

Antenna theory: analysis and design (3rd, 2012)

Polarized light and optical systems (2018)

Fundamentals of photonics (3rd, 2019)

Knots and links (2003)

Inverse synthetic aperture radar imaging with MATLAB algorithms (2012)

Where do numbers come from? (2020)

Complex analysis (2012)

Partial differential equations: theory and technique (1976)


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