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Physics, Math & Astronomy: Weekly Library News

Library News for PMA

October 18, 2021

Open Access Waivers - Caltech approved an Open Access Policy in 2013 and the document is available on this page. If you're publishing an article and the publisher asks for a waiver from this policy there's an online form to fill out. The policy applies to faculty and research faculty, not graduate students. Most of the PMA waiver requests come from the Nature titles. 

Publication Finder - This new tool has replaced our old E-Journals list. Use Publication Finder to clarify and confirm library holdings of electronic journals.

Upcoming Library Classes - Zotero, Shell, R, Git and Python. More information and sign up on this page -

October 11, 2021

Collaborator reports - If you'd like assistance collecting the information for Table 4 please contact me with as much notice as possible. For additional library services in support of grants please see this page -

Zotero Class - The Library has a workshop this Wednesday about the bibliographic management tool Zotero. This is a remote class via Zoom. More details here -

Library spaces - A reminder that masks are required at all times when you're inside the Library. No food and drinks are allowed anywhere inside the Library. You need to use your campus ID to access the Millikan and Sherman Fairchild Libraries. The Library is not open to the public at this time.

October 4, 2021

Library spaces update - All library spaces are now open but you need to use your Caltech ID to swipe or tap into each space. Eating and drinking is not allowed in any library and masks are required at all times. Alumni, family members and members of the public are not allowed in library spaces. 

SFL group study rooms - GSRs are available but must be reserved. Use this form to reserve a study room on the 2nd floor. 

Course reserves - Reserve books for classes are kept on closed stacks in the SFL. Ask for these at the circulation or information desk. Reserve books can be checked out for 3 hours. When available, ebooks for classes are available through Canvas. 

Library printers - If you'd like to submit a print job to the printers on the 1st floor of SFL please see these instructions

arXiv & Caltech - The Library has committed to support arXiv at the Champion Level for another year. This resource is key to researchers in PMA and the Library recognizes the value and importance of arXiv to researchers at Caltech. See the announcement on arXiv's blog -

Septemer 27, 2021

LibSearch is now live - Please use LibSearch to find material in both our print and electronic collections. TIND will be deprecated in the coming weeks. 

Access to SFL - The Library is accessible by card swipe. If you'd like to reserve a Group Study Room on the 2nd floor, please use this link - More information about library spaces and services this term can be found on the Library's COVID page -

Beanbag chair in SFL basement - The basement of the Sherman Fairchild Library now has an enormous bean bag chair to use when you're working in the space. 

September 20, 2021

LibSearch & EDS - The Library is in the midst of a transition away from our old catalogue, TIND. TIND is being deprecated in a few weeks. EDS and LibSearch are replacing TIND and have a myriad of new features. To use LibSearch now please use this link -

Read & Publish - I've had a few questions in the last few weeks about whether the Library has Read & Publish (R&P) agreements in place with any publishers in the PMA subjects. The Library only has Read & Publish agreements in place with The Company of Biologist and the ACM. Read more about R&P in this FAQ -

Subscribe to Open (S2O) - A somewhat similar OA pathway to Read and Publish is Subscribe to Open. The Library has several Subscribe to Open programs with publishers. These include EMS Journals and Annual Reviews. 

September 7, 2021

TIND / LibSearch Transition - A reminder that if you've cached catalogue links from our current catalog, TIND, they won't work in a few weeks. The Library is transitioning away from TIND to a new library discovery service. Please take a look at LibSearch now to familiarize yourself with our new system - LibSearch

Proxy update - A few of you have been in touch with the Library in the last few weeks about our proxy migration. There were linking issues in ADS and MathSciNet after the proxy link was changed in mid-August. If you encounter any issues with linking to library resources please email me or . If you relied on the proxy bookmarklet please see this page with updated information -

August 9, 2021

IOP ebooks - The Library has access to hundreds of IOP ebooks. Use this proxied link to get access to the ebooks -

APC Support - The Library participates in a few programs that can reduce article processing charges (APCs) with some publishers. We keep track of these programs and discount information on this page -

New Search & Discovery / Farewell to TIND - The Library catalogue (currently TIND) is being replaced by a new search interface in September. More information here -

August 2, 2021

The Library has a one year program with IOP that gives our campus access to ~ 600 of their ebooks, 2013-2021. 

Browse titles on the IOP ebook site by using the drop-down menu to select subjects like environment and energy and biomedical engineering. These ebooks include titles from the IOP Concise and Expanding Physics ebook series. There are also ebooks from partner societies like the American Astronomical Society (AAS), Biophysical Society and the IPEM Series in Physics and Engineering in Medicine and Biology.

July 26, 2021

IOP ebooks are coming - In August the Library will have access to all IOP ebooks for a year. Campus will be able to use the ~600 ebooks IOP has published since 2013. In August 2022 we'll select titles to purchase from the ones used during the term of the program. More information coming soon!

Docuserve - Please use Docuserve to request articles that we don't subscribe to or may be in our print collections. The service is quick and free to use. Login to Docuserve with your IMSS credentials. 

O'Reilly ebooks - The Library has access to thousands of ebooks from O'Reilly on the Safari ebook platform. Use your IMSS credentials to sign in and browse the available titles. 

TPMD - The Library has a subscription to the Thermophysical Properties of Matter Database (TPMD). Earlier editions of this database are held in the Sherman Fairchild Library but the electronic version of continually updated. 

July 19, 2021

SFL is open - The Sherman Fairchild Library is available for study and browsing of the library collection. Masks are required at all times while in the Library. For more details please visit this page -

DOI Minting Service - The Library can help with registering DOIs for your research. We can assign custom DOIs from Crossref or Datacite and self-service DOIs are available when you deposit data into CaltechDATA. For more information see Publishing Services on this page -

Several Oral Histories released

Arden Albee (GPS) , Edward W. Hughes (Chemistry) and Edward Hutchings, Jr. (Hums, E&S Magazine)

July 12, 2021

O'Reilly / Safari ebooks - A reminder that the Library subscribes to a database that includes thousands of O'Reilly ebooks. They're tricky to find and discover because we don't catalogue these ebooks. Content is continuously added to the database. To access the ebooks and browse the collection use this link and login with your Caltech IMSS credentials -

Web of Science, new interfaceWeb of Science has launched a new interface that includes some new features. Among them:

  • basic search is now document search

  • streamlined searching via one search box

  • All fields is now the default search type, instead of Topic as it was in Classic

  • export up to 1k records

  • personalized dashboard after you login

  • Improved accessibility and support for mobile devices

*NOTE* To revert back and use the “Classic” Web of Science interface use the Product menu in the top right corner of the main search page and select Classic.

Springer ebooks - I've received quite a few questions in these last few weeks about what Springer ebooks the library has purchased. The Library has purchased, outright, years of content and thousands of ebooks from Springer:

Physics & Astronomy ebook package: 1891-2018

Math & Stats ebook package: 1929-2022

As well we have current access to Springer ebooks in their Physics & Astronomy package through a special program. We select titles at the end of the calendar year based on what's been used the most by people on our campus. 

TIND is going away soon - The Library is migrating to a new catalogue / library platform this fall - FOLIO. Look for changes that will hopefully improve discoverability of library resources. 

June 21, 2021

New Oxford ebooks - I've purchased Oxford ebooks from the following series: Oxford Mathematical Monographs, International Series of Monographs on Physics and Oxford Graduate Texts. The titles have date imprints from 2002-2015. Please see the titles with proxied links on this ebook guide -

Library services over the summer - The Library is getting ready to make it possible to browse our book stacks in the SFL. I'll keep you updated about when this is available. More information on library services is available here -

ORCID, ROR & Affiliation - Many of you have ORCID profiles now. ORCID helps by providing a persistent identifier for individuals. Soon ORCID will implement ROR. ROR will be providing persistent identifiers for research organizations. Caltech has a ROR number that you'll be able to use in affiliation fields for journals and under Employment in ORCID. Caltech's ROR is 05dxps055 . 



June 7, 2021

Update on ebooks: The Library has purchased a number of ebook collections from publishers this spring. Here's a list of some of the ebook content we've acquired:

AAS ebooks - we've purchased these ebooks, 2018-2021 from IOP. 

AIP ebooks - The AIP started publishing ebooks recently. Please browse the list of available titles on my LibGuide. The ebooks are not in our catalogue.

AMS ebooks - We've purchased additional ebook series from the AMS to bring our holdings up to date.

IOP ebooks - We've selectively purchased ebooks from IOP. They've been catalogued. If there are additional IOP ebooks you'd like the Library to acquire, please be in touch.

* Coming Soon * 

Oxford ebooks - I've been working to acquire Oxford ebooks from the following 3 series: Oxford Mathematical Monographs, International Series of Monographs on Physics and Oxford Graduate Texts. Oxford hasn't digitized all of the ebooks in these series. Instead, they tend to start being available in 2001/2002. I'll update you all when these have been activated. 

Library classes:

Introduction to machine learning 

Introduction to the Library (for SURF students)


May 17, 2021

Library Reservable Outside Study Space - The Library is now offering outside study spaces by reservation. The spaces are near the SFL amphitheatre, on the east side of the building. More information here -

Library Services - For an up to date list of library services that are available now please visit this page -

Docuserve - Please use Docuserve to request articles that we don't subscribe to or may be in our print collections. The service is quick and free to use. Login to Docuserve with your IMSS credentials. 

Library ClassYou and Your Thesis
2:00pm - 3:30pm Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Joy Painter Physics, Math & Astronomy Librarian,